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Cooper Wheelock Fire Horn Strobe - Series AMT- NYC

Cooper Wheelock Horns & Strobes

Cooper Wheelock Horns & Strobes- Fire Horn Strobe- Wheelock Series AMT- NYC - by Koetter Fire Protection - Dallas, Texas

AMT Multiple Input Alarm Horn Strobe

Cooper Wheelock’s Series AMT Multiple Input Alarm Horn Strobe provides New York City with a UL1971/464 combination audible/visual appliance that simplifies installation and offers three (3) distinct preset prioritized audible signals from three isolated inputs. Priority (1) will override all other commands upon activation.

The AMT offers 3 preset prioritized sound combinations. The 3 preset priorities are Bell - Priority 1; Code 3 Horn - Priority 2; and Vibrating Chime -Priority 3.

The AMT with Strobe is designed for ADA applications with maximum performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness while meeting or exceeding the latest requirements of NFPA 72 (the National Fire Alarm Code), ANSI 117.1 (the American National Standard For Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities) and UL Standard 1971 (Standard for Signaling Devices for the Hearing Impaired). AMT Fire Alarm Strobes, when properly specified and installed in accordance with NFPA/ANSI Standards, can provide the Equivalent Facilitation allowed under ADA Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG General Section 2.2) by meeting or exceeding the illumination which results from the ADA specified strobe intensity of 75 candela at 50 feet. This is an illumination of 0.030 lumens per square foot (footcandles).

Each AMT and AMT Horn Strobe appliance has two user selective sound output levels: STANDARD dBA and HIGH dBA. The AMT provides dual voltage capability in one unit, 12VDC or 24VDC operation, filtered or FWR. The AMT Horn Strobe operates with 24VDC and may be used with filtered or unfiltered (full-wave-rectified) input voltages. Separate supervised sets of input terminals are available for each prioritized input. Jumper plugs are provided to enable both tone and strobe to operate simultaneously for all inputs.

The AMT Multitone Strobe Appliance is UL Listed for indoor wall mount use, under Standard 1971 for Signaling Devices for the Hearing Impaired and Standard 464 for Audible Signal Appliances, and use a Xenon flashtube with solid state circuitry enclosed in a rugged Lexan® lens to provide maximum reliability for effective visible signaling. The Series LSM 15/75 candela wall mounted strobes were tested at UL for 75cd on axis. They are Listed at 15 candela under UL 1971 and meet 75 candela intensity on axis for ADA guidelines with low current draw.


  • Approvals include: Underwriters Laboratories (UL 1971 and UL 464) and New York City (MEA #151-92-E; Vol. 21).
  • Compliance with RFI limits in FCC Part 15, Class B for compatibility with sensitive detection and communication circuits.
  • Designed to meet or exceed NFPA/ANSI Standards and ADA Accessibility Guidelines. Meets OSHA 29 Parts 1910.165.
  • Three separate preset prioritized inputs that will activate three isolated signals.
  • All inputs are supervised.
  • Code-3 Horn and Tone meet ANSI/NFPA/ISO temporal pattern.
  • Two power taps for high dBA and normal dBA @ 10 feet.
  • Low current draw with low temperature compensation to reduce power consumption and wiring costs.
  • AMT Strobe model is available with a 15/75 candela rating for independent or combination input activations.
  • AMT with strobe can flash independently or in unison with all audible signals.
  • 12VDC and 24VDC models with wide Listed voltage range, filtered (DC) and FWR. (AMT Strobe version in 24 volts only.)
  • Polarized inputs for compatibility with standard reverse polarity type supervision of circuit wiring by an alarm panel.
  • Low cost installation via standard electrical boxes. Attractive flush or surface mounting options.
  • No additional trimplate required for flush mounting. Fast installation with In/Out screw terminals using #12 to #18 AWG.

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