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Notifier Fire Control Center- UniNet 2000

Notifier Fire Alarm System Integration- Fire Control Center- UniNet 2000 - distributed by Koetter Fire Protection - Dallas, Texas

Notifier Fire Protection Systems

Seamless Fire Alarm System Integration

UniNet 2000 network seamlessly integrates diverse fire, security and other building systems into a graphics oriented platform, via a local or wide area network. Many type of systems are supported by the UniNet 2000 network including Fire Alarm, Security, Access Control with Photo Badging, CCTV, Incident Reporting, and Guard Tour. The UniNet workstation offers a graphics interface, creating a unified command center for monitoring and controlling building systems both common and unlike. Among the networks many capabilities, is the ability to activate controls between common or unlike systems.

UniNet 2000 Graphic Workstation

The graphic workstation is used to display and control diverse systems from different manufactures. Information from these systems is collected and displayed on a single graphical user interface. The workstation includes a host of features including graphical floor plans for fire and non fire reporting, history manager tracks and stores events, CCTV display and control, guard tour with timing capability, and much more.

Security, CCTV and Guard Tour

UniNet 2000 connects security and CCTV systems into a common network using the UniNet 2000 graphic workstation. Arm/disarm capabilities, as well as CCTV camera viewing and control, are available to the operator. The Guard Tour option allows a guard to electronically register presence at various checkpoints. The workstation is preprogrammed with a user-defined pattern of guard checkpoints and provides comprehensive control and monitoring.

Access Control

NOTIFIERs Access Control system is a fully programmable application on the UniNet network or as a stand-alone system. Two-door controllers are remotely distributed with all card/door configurations down-loaded directly to the controller. The system supports a variety of door readers including, Magstripe, 26-bit Weigand, 34-bit Weigand and Card + PIN.

Non NOTIFIER Fire Panels

UniNet is the perfect solution for retrofitting existing facilities by formulating a means to connect unlike systems with a single workstation for monitoring. NOTIFIER and Non-NOTIFIER panels alike can be integrated onto the network via custom serial network interfaces. Full point-by-point monitoring or connection via contact inputs is available. Contact NOTIFIER for a list of the many interface modules that are available.

Wide Area System Interface

The Building Control Interface (BCI) provides remote monitoring of Fire/Security/Access Control/Environmental Controls in a wide area network fashion. A Wide Area Network connects remote systems via a dial-up modems or X.25 packet switching to a central monitoring workstation. Each BCI has a built in local area server that can communicate with up to 32 nodes.

Gateways (was BACnet Gateway)

The NOTI•FIRE•NET network supports various gateways for the exchange of information. The BACnet™ Gateway sends network fire alarm information to a Building Automation System (BAS) in an industry standard format. The Web Server interfaces to the Internet/Intranet using an IP based Ethernet connection to remotely view the Fire Alarm Control Panel status on the network. A pocket pager interface sends instant event information directly to a hand held pocket pager. Consult NOTIFIER for other 3rd party Gateway interfaces.

Local Area Server

Based on proven Lonworks™ protocol, the UniNet Local Area Network (LAN) supports up to 200 nodes per server. The UniNet network supports up to 99 servers in any configuration of local and/or wide are servers. Optional Hot-backup redundant local area server is available in the unlikely event of a system issue.

UniNet 2000 Features:

  • Windows® 2000 support
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratory for fire (864), security (1076), and card access (294)
  • State-of-the-art client-server technology allows easy upward migration as new features become available
  • Supports multiple Ethernet clients: UniGuard (access control), UniBadge (photo imaging), UniLogic (Boolean logic), UniTour (guard tour), IRM/IM (incident reporting) and CCTV control
  • Centralized member databases and security profiles
  • Connects ew and existing equipment into a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Hot-redundant Local Area server capability, with automatic syncing of server information between primary and secondary
  • Includes UniLogic, which uses event driven Boolean logic equations to command node outputs ON/OFF. UniLogic also provides time-controlled sequencing of multiple actions
  • Complete graphics editing/drawing package
  • User defined graphics with zoom levels
  • Imported graphics support .WMF and .BMP formats
  • Incorporates the ability to create links to text files, photos, and audio or video clips
  • Automatic screen avigation per device locates proper floor plan
  • History Manager provides flexible access to stored history events with filters and configurable automatic history backups
  • Style 4 and Style 7 options for network media
  • Common Network NION (Network In/Out Nodes) interface monitors and controls multiple local and remote sites
  • Addressable intelligent NIONs connect and control diverse multi-brand control panels or subsystems
  • Special network transceivers permit twisted pair wire in point-to-point, bus and star configuration, point-to-point fiber optic and bi-directional fiber optic bus and ring network media
  • Routers, repeaters, and bridges used to increase distance, configure network, or to change media type
  • Discrete dry-contact NIONs provide network connection of non-intelligent control panels containing contact zone outputs
  • Card access "plug-in" configures two-door controller NION on network and supports over 10,000 users
  • Card access supports the use of Card +Pin number control
  • CCTV software "plug-in" uses unique CCTV switcher NION
  • UniNet-Online Web Server (UNINET-UOL)provides remote read status capabilities from any worldwide location via the Internet/Intranet
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