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Notifier- Laser Smoke Detector- Early Warning Smoke Detection- Notifier LPX-751

Notifier Smoke Detector

Notifier- Laser Smoke Detector- Early Warning Smoke Detection- Notifier LPX-751 - distributed by Koetter Fire Protection - Dallas, Texas

Advanced Early Warning Smoke Detection Technology

The NOTIFIER LPX-751 VIEW™ Laser Detector provides a revolutionary advance in early warning smoke detection technology. The unique design of this detector, combined with enhanced AWACS™ algorithms in the NOTIFIER AFP-300/AFP-400 and AFC-600 control panels, allows smoke detection sensitivity that is 10 to 50 times higher than present photoelectric technology (clean environments). Because of this high sensitivity, the LPX-751 can provide very early warning of slow smoldering fires. Its performance is comparable to present aspiration technology, at a substantially lower installed cost.


  • Telephone Central Offices
  • Computer Rooms
  • Clean Rooms
  • Cable Rooms
  • Museums and Archives

The LPX-751 uses an extremely bright laser diode, combined with special lens and mirror optics, to achieve a signal-to-noise ratio that is much higher than traditional photoelectric sensors. In addition, the tightly focussed light beam, combined with the AWACS algorithms, allow the system to differentiate between dust and smoke particles. Because of this differentiation, the LPX-751 can be set to extremely high sensitivity, yet can reject false signals caused by larger airborne particles such as dust, lint and small insects.

The LPX-751 is an intelligent (analog/addressable) detector using standard Notifier protocol, and up to 99 detectors may be installed per AFP-300 or AFP-400 loop. It may be mixed in any combination with other Notifier intelligent sensors on the same loop and is quickly installed using the panel auto-program feature. The LPX-751 provides dual bi-colour LEDs, which blink green in normal operation and illuminate steady red in alarm.

Using the enhanced AWACS algorithms, the VIEW system (AFP-300/AFP-400/LPX-751) provides drift compensation (meeting UL requirements as a calibrated sensitivity meter), maintenance alert (three levels), selection of nine alarm levels and nine pre-alarm levels, and report of drift compensation used and recent peak values. The system includes a self-learn sensitivity adjustment to set the pre-alarm level just above the peak levels sensed over long periods of time for each detector's actual environment. The system includes multidetector algorithms (US patent pending) that permit one sensor to consider readings from adjacent sensors to provide faster detection of fires.

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