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Kidde Wet Chemical Kitchen Fire Suppression System

The Kidde Kitchen Fire Protection System

The Kidde Wet Chemical System features 24-Hour automatic or manual protection for commercial cooking areas; ducts, plenums, hoods and cooking surfaces. The wet chemical agent is designed for quicker flame knockdown and faster suppression. It exceeds stringent UL 300 standard and complies with NFPA Standards 96 and 17A. The Kidde Wet Chemical System offers unmatched coverage, with fewer discharge nozzles and flow points, meaning reduced installation time and cost.

Kidde Wet Chemical System- Class K Fire- Kitchen Fire Suppression System- distributed by Koetter Fire Protection - Dallas, Texas

Note: Numbers/Stages refer to image on the right.

  1. Fire is detected by heat detectors which activate the KIDDE KRS-50 control box (or the manual pull station is activated) causing the cylinder valve to open.
  2. Pressure stored in the cylinder propels the KIDDE WET CHEMICAL through the system piping and out of strategically located nozzles onto the fire, the KIDDE SYSTEM automatically shuts off appliances to remove the heat source.
  3. KIDDE WET CHEMICAL knocks down flames quickly and forms a protective layer that suppresses fire and prevents fire re-flash.

Flexible Pre-Engineered Design

Kidde Wet Chemical Systems are listed, pre-engineered systems that meet all the requirements of U.L. 300 (ULC/ORD 1254.6) and can be installed to meet your specific application requirements. These reliable systems are designed to protect griddles, range tops, fryers, broilers and woks, as well as hood and duct systems. Both automatic and manual means for activating a Kidde® Wet Chemical System can be provided and the systems may be installed in tandem to enable simultaneous activation for extended coverage of large hazard area.

Commercial Kitchen Protection System Enclosure

Kidde Wet Chemical System- Class K Fire- Kitchen Fire Suppression System- from Koetter Fire Protection


  • Cylinder Storage
  • 304 Stainless Steel with #4 Polished Finish
  • Use with either the WHDR-260 or WHDR-400S
  • Option of Either the Mechanical/Electrical Control Head or the KRS-50 Control Box
  • System Status Window

The Kidde® stainless steel enclosure, P/N 87-120038-001, allows for single cylinder and control head storage for those applications which require a more esthetically pleasing pre-sentation. The enclosure is designed for vertical mounting of either the WHDR-260 cylinder or the WHDR-400S cylinder. It also allows for use of either the Kidde mechanical/electrical control heads or the KRS-50 control box. Knock-outs are supplied to facilitate all conduit connections regardless of which control head is used.

A system status window is included for visual inspection of the cylinder gauge in compliance with NFPA Standard 17A. The cabinet is supplied with four mounting holes in the corners, and additional mounting holes in the center for quick and easy installation of the cylinder bracket. Single or multiple enclosures must be mounted to a rigid surface. Underwriters’ Laboratories (UL) Listing is achieved when using the appropriate UL Listed cylinder bracket. Separate mounting holes are provided when using the KRS-50 control box.

Applications for use of the Kidde Cylinder Enclosure include, but are not limited to:

  • Hospitals
  • Institutions
  • Culinary Arts Training Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Educational Facilities
  • Open Kitchen Restaurants
  • Island Hood Installations
  • And many more

KRS-50 Control Box

The KRS-50 Control Box is composed of a CO2 cartridge, spring mechanism and a discharge lever which discharges the CO2 cartridge when: (a) a fusible link actuates in any detector or (b) the remote Manual Control is operated. The valve, with the CO2 cartridge, is connected to a Pressure Operated Actuator mounted on the system cylinder by ¼" (.6 cm) O.D. copper tubing using compression or flare fittings. (The tubing is standard, commercially available tubing and is not supplied with the system.) When the CO2 cartridge discharges, the CO2 gas pressurizes the ¼" (0.6 cm) O.D. tubing to the Pneumatic Control Head(s), located on the system Cylinder Valve, and actuates the cylinders.

The KRS-50 Control Box can be mounted in any orientation. A maximum of 23' of ¼" O.D. tubing can be used to actuate up to a maximum of five cylinders regardless of size.

APC Wet Agent

This wet agent system is an effective way for suppressing commercial cooking fires before major damage occurs. When APC wet chemical agent is applied in a concentrated liquid spray to a burning surface, it reacts quickly with the hot grease or oil to produce a synthetic foam blanketing the surface. This reaction, combined with the cooling effect of the APC wet chemical agent, also reduces the possibility of fire reflash, which can happen with dry chemical suppression methods.

Clean up of the foamy residue is just as quick. Simply wipe up with a damp sponge or cloth when appliances are cool. APC wet chemical agent is confined to the appliance area only, so the rest of the kitchen can operate normally. You eliminate lengthy shutdowns, lost business and contaminated food outside the discharge areas.

Custom Engineered Fire Systems . . .

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Koetter Fire Custom Engineered Fire Systems! Koetter Fire specializes in Semiconductor Facilities, Cleanrooms & Wet Bench fire protection, as well as all other industrial applications. Prevent the loss of costly equipment, irreplaceable data and information as well as business interruption.
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TraceTek Leak Detection from Koetter Fire
TraceTek Leak Detection from Koetter FireDesigned primarily to detect water leaks in computer facilities, TraceTek has become the standard for uses such as hazardous chemical supply and recovery in semicon-ductor production facilities, hazardous fluid monitoring & the monitoring of the interstitial space between the inner and outer wall of double containment piping systems.   more about TraceTek
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Our people are factory-trained in the design, installation, and service of these manufacturers' systems.
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