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Amerex Wheeled Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers
Models 491, 492, 493

Amerex Wheeled Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers- Models 491, 492, 493- distributed by Koetter Fire Protection

Wheeled Fire Extinguisher by Amerex

300/350 lb. Dry Chemical
ABC (Multi-Purpose), Regular, Purple K

Regular dry chemical fire extinguishers contain a siliconized sodium bicarbonate based dry chemical with free flowing and non-caking additives. Economical Class B & C protection with lower initial cost and recharging. This chemical smothers fires in flammable liquids & pressurized gases and is electrically nonconductive.

Multipurpose dry chemical or ABC fire extinguishers contain a specially fluidized and siliconized mono ammonium phosphate chemical. It chemically insulates Class A fires by melting at approximately 350° F, coating the surface to which it is applied. It smothers & breaks the chain reaction of Class B fires and will not conduct electricity.

Purple K fire extinguishers contain specially fluidized & siliconized potassium bicarbonate dry chemical which is particularly effective on Class B flammable liquids and pressurized gases, and it is electrically nonconductive. Choice of the oil, gas, chemical and utilities industries as the preferred fire-fighting agent.


Model Number 450 451 452 491 492 493
U/L Rating 40A:240B:C 240B:C 320B:C 40A:320B:C 320B:C 320B:C
Capacity 125 lb
(57 kg)
150 lb
(68 kg)
125 lb
(57 kg)
300 lb
(136.07 kg)
350 lb
(158.75 kg)
300 lb
(136.07 kg)
Shipping Weight 335 lb
(152 kg)
360 lb
(163 kg)
335 lb
(152 kg)
743 lb
(337.01 kg)
793 lb
(359.69 kg)
743 lb
(337.01 kg)
Discharge Time (sec) 52 60 53 60 70 67
Discharge Range 30 - 40 feet
9 - 12 meters
Nitrogen Cylinder 23 cubic ft / 651 li 55 cubic ft / 1557.43 li
Operating Temp. Range -65° to + 120° F
(-54° to + 49° C)
Safety Disc Burst Range 400 - 500 psi / 2760 - 3450 kPa
Hose Length 50 feet
(15.24 meters)
Hose Diameter .75 inches
(1.90 cm)
1 inches
(2.54 cm)
[Semi-Pneumatic]   [Steel]

16 x 4 inches (40.64 x 10.16 cm)

36 x 6 inches (91.44 x 15.24 cm)
Height 45 inches (115 cm) 57 inches (144.78 cm)
Width 24 inches (61 cm) 34 inches (86.36 cm)
Depth 36 inches (92 cm) 39 inches (99.06 cm)
Coast Guard Approved YES
Custom Engineered Fire Systems . . .

. . are required by businesses in the data processing, communications, aviation, medical & art industries.

Koetter Fire Custom Engineered Fire Systems! Koetter Fire specializes in Semiconductor Facilities, Cleanrooms & Wet Bench fire protection, as well as all other industrial applications. Prevent the loss of costly equipment, irreplaceable data and information as well as business interruption.
"Custom Engineered Fire Systems & Rates"

TraceTek Leak Detection from Koetter Fire
TraceTek Leak Detection from Koetter FireDesigned primarily to detect water leaks in computer facilities, TraceTek has become the standard for uses such as hazardous chemical supply and recovery in semicon-ductor production facilities, hazardous fluid monitoring & the monitoring of the interstitial space between the inner and outer wall of double containment piping systems.   more about TraceTek
Fire Protection Systems Authorized Distributor

. . . of fire detection & suppression systems manufactured by the biggest and best industry names.

Our people are factory-trained in the design, installation, and service of these manufacturers' systems.
Fire Protection Systems Authorized Distributor
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