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Infrared Thermal Imaging and Reports

Koetter Fire Protection International - Infrared Thermal Imaging and Reports

Infrared (IR) thermal imaging, thermography, is a significant energy, uptime, and cost-saving technology used by leading-edge corporations. Thermography converts radiation into electrical signals to produce digital and graphic images to easily identify existing thermal conditions. Thermography is measured via sophisticated infrared cameras by viewing energized equipment without requiring physical contact or equipment shutdown. Thus, thermography provides accurate detection, analysis, and notification of pre-existing equipment conditions before they lead to equipment failures and production losses.


A fire within a clean room will cause significant property damage, contamination, and business interruption. Loss history has shown that electrical failures are the source of origin for 85-95% of clean room fires. Effective IR thermal imaging programs will identify hot spots, loose connections, and circuit imbalances that frequently cause electrical failures resulting in thermal events and fires. Identification allows for mitigation before the eminent failure. Isn't fire prevention better than fire protection?


Clean rooms commonly run at full capacity and equipment uptime is critical to productivity. Many fabs have limited time for scheduled preventative maintenance programs, although unscheduled maintenance and equipment downtime can cost millions of dollars per year. An effective thermography program provides the ultimate tool for predictive maintenance by forecasting failures. Likewise, IR thermal imaging improves the efficiency of preventive maintenance programs by focusing efforts on identified problem areas. IR scanning of facilities equipment and clean room manufacturing equipment decreases unplanned downtime and interruptions, helping to operate a smarter facility. KFPI recommends IR scanning on new tools when initially installed to develop a base line for that tool and confirm installation quality.


  • Maximize tool utilization by preventing downtime
  • Maximize asset utilization by increasing reliability and uptime
  • Reduce utility costs by increasing energy efficiency
  • Reduce cost of maintenance programs
  • Improve the safety for technicians and fab personnel
  • Prevent fires and catastrophic thermal events
  • Enhance quality of product with process consistency
  • Extend tool life and quality with base line documentation
  • "Go Green" by increasing efficiency and reducing waste


KFPI provides global thermography services for consistent quality and corporate reporting. KFPI thermographers are certified by the American Society Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) and specialize in clean room issues relevant to fire loss. Our 3rd party services ensure unbiased, accurate analysis completed on routine schedules around the world from a company who knows the demands and needs of this industry.

"Isn't Fire Prevention Better Than Fire Protection?"

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