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Safety & Compliance

Evaluations & Training

  • SEMI S1 - Equipment Safety Labeling
  • SEMI S2 - Equipment Safety Evaluation
  • SEMI S3 - Process Liquid Heating
  • SEMI S6 - Exhaust Ventilation
  • SEMI S8 - Ergonomic Evaluation
  • SEMI S14 - Fire Risk Assessments
  • SEMI S22 - Electrical Design Evaluaton
  • SEMI S23 - Energy Conservation
  • SEMI F47 - Voltage Sag Immunity


  • Leadership Positions within SEMI Standards for North American EHS Committee and International Standards Committee (ISC)
  • Leadership and/or Significant Contributor to the following SEMI Task Forces S2, S6, S8, S14, S18 & S22
  • Active Participation in Standard Development and Revision in International and National Forums including IEC and NFPA
  • Board Certified Saftey Professionals (CSP)
  • Established 1st Product EHS Semiconductor Group in Mainland China
Koetter Fire Protection International - Global Semiconductor & FPD Industry Fire Protection Solutions


  • Engineering Risk Management
  • Process Hazard Analysis
  • Engineering Design Review
    (From Concept to Product Realization)
  • Laser & Radiation Safety
  • RF Measurement
  • Chemical Risk Assessment
  • Robotics and Automation
  • Voltage Sag F47 /IEC 61000-4-34
    testing and guidance with certificate
    issueance by PSL labs
  • EMC Testing Services Via Co-Ordination
    with Approved Body
  • Field Labeling
  • Electrical Safety/Compliance
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Fire Protection Compliance/Certification
  • Low Voltage & Machinery Directives
  • Training:
    • Design for S2/Semiconductor Safety
    • General Safety Training for Chemical /
      Electrical / Erg
    • / Fire Risk /
      Mechanical / Radiation Safety
    • Field Service Personal Fab Safety
    • Customized Programs

KFPI Safety & Compliance Team has a combined 30+ years of experience in the Semiconductor, TFT-LCD, Solar, & Defense Industries acting as both consultants and in-house equipment supplier product safety leads for equipment development projects. Experience includes working with various types of equipment manufacturer from international startup companies to the largest multi-national companies. Experience also includes various types of semiconductor manufacturing equipment including Wet Processing, Atmospheric and Vacuum Processing tools, CMP, Lithography, Laser, Inspection, Packaging, etc.

Our team, based in Shanghai, China established the 1st Semiconductor OEM Product EHS Group in Mainland China, which successfully took a startup design concept to manufactured finished product with global Safety Compliance. This extensive experience includes a "Design for Compliance" approach for new product designs and revisions by conducting preliminary evaluations prior to formal 3rd party review and certification. This approach reduces the cost of engineering, revisions, and 3rd party services while achieving the highest level of safety and compliance.

Our team has personnel located throughout the USA and Asia to provide customer engineering risk assessment and management services for simple and complex systems. KFPI has extensive experience in both driving design efforts to meet and testing for certification to SEMI F47 (Voltage Sag withstand requirements) as well as IEC 61000-4-34 requirements. Our experience also includes extended voltage sag design, testing and certification requirements, such as "Power Vaccine" as well as other customer Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) requirements. KFPI can also arrange EMC Testing through strategic affiliations.

Koetter Fire Protection Offices: Dallas TX USA, Tokyo Japan, Tapei Taiwan
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