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Risk Management Consulting

Identification & Mitigation

Koetter Fire Protection International - Global Semiconductor & FPD Industry Risk Management Consulting


Koetter Fire Protection International (KFPI) is recognized as the global leader in the field of semiconductor and Flat Panel Display (FPD) fire risk engineering with over 40 years of combined industry experience. KFPI has a worldwide reputation for delivering specialized semiconductor and FPD industry solutions for risk identification, engineering, mitigation, and management solutions. KFPI staff continues to lead and participate in the development of international fire risk assessment guidelines and international fire protection codes and standards for the semiconductor and FPD industries.


KFPI's risk management services offer an approach to observing, analyzing, implementing, and financing a comprehensive program to address the overall productivity of a cleanroom manufacturing facility. Close collaboration with our customers facilitate forward thinking solutions for their fabs, alerts them to potential problems that develop over time, and keeps management up to date on changes in codes and technology. Our specialized consultants offer a wide range of risk engineering and risk management training around the world, from human element training to fire protection design and compliance training. KFPI's independent, customized risk management reports are trusted by risk managers, brokers, and insurance underwriters worldwide.


The majority of a property risk management program is analysis of the fire protection systems. Who is better to evaluate fire protection systems than a fire protection company specializing in semiconductor fire protection systems? KFPI has proven expertise in areas of wet processing equipment fire protection systems, pyrophoric and flammable gas protection systems, advanced detection systems, automatic sprinkler systems, gas detection systems, and more. KFPI also has special hazard expertise in hazardous liquid processing safety, hazardous gas management safety, combustible plastics, and exhaust systems.


  • 100% Dedicated To Worldwide Semiconductor and FPD Industries
  • Independent and Consistent Risk Surveys, Risk Engineering Analysis, and Risk Management
  • Custom Tailored Analysis and Reporting
  • Accurate Loss Estimates on Property Damage and Business Interruption
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis for Risk Mitigation Recommendations
  • Fire Protection Design, Plan Review, Installation Audits, and Acceptance
  • Testing Certification
  • Business Impact Analysis and Mitigation
  • Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Recovery
  • Human Element Safety Programs and Training
  • Loss Investigations, Expert Witness, and Forensic Engineering
  • B&M Engineering & Pressure Vessel Inspections
  • Natural Hazard Analysis


  • Specialized Risk Assessment, Implementation, and Management
  • Single Point of Contact for Consistent Risk Management Worldwide
  • Custom Survey and Reports to Meet Corporate Risk Management Goals
  • Compliance with Insurance Underwriter Requirements
  • Reduce Insurance Premiums
  • Unmatched Expertise in Fire Protection Systems
  • Offices and Consultants in USA, Asia, and Europe
  • Leadership in Fire Risk & Fire Protection Codes and Standards Development


Koetter Fire Protection Offices: Dallas TX USA, Tokyo Japan, Tapei Taiwan
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